Why The New Name?

Until yesterday my Instagram page and website had been called ‘Daily Business Thoughts’. I decided to scrap this name and go for ‘Black Business’. I’ve already had a few questions as to what’s going on so I’m just gonna clear it all up in this mini blog.

I felt as though the name ‘dailybusinessthoughts’ confined me to, well… business thoughts. It made me feel as if all I could post on my page was quotes and ideas. I wanted more of a general business platform, and my name is Charlie Black, and so Black Business was born. @blackbusiness is actually taken on Instagram, by someone who hasn’t even posted for 3 years… so I had to settle for the handle @blackbusinessofficial.

Not only does this new name give me more freedom in terms of posts but it’s also far more scalable. In the future I plan on opening many more Instagram pages such as blackfitness, or blackphotography for example. This new brand gives me far more leeway when it comes to expanding. Look out for these new pages within the next couple of months.

And that’s about it. I’m currently staying in Brisbane, Australia for 2 weeks and I finally have access to a laptop so blogs will be far more regular.

Thanks for reading,

Charlie 🙂

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