Interviewing Entrepreneurs

I’m always giving you business, marketing or entrepreneur advice. I read information from books and blogs and translate it to you. But I’m not actually an entrepreneur myself (yet). So I decided to interview some successful entrepreneurs about the world of business, so THEY can tell you how it is.

If you search #entrepreneur on Instagram right this second, I guarantee images of private jets and luxury cars will pop up. Social media is romanticising owning a business. Not that I’m a business kingpin, but I understand that entrepreneurship is not all glory and luxury. In fact, it’s a whole lotta shit for a long, long time.

I asked some entrepreneurs about how long they were working before they started to see any sort of success.

Antonio Milhouse (IG: @growwiththeonepercent) said it took him 3-5 years. 3-5 years of working without seeing any success! 99% of people aren’t that dedicated. That’s why 99% of people won’t be successful entrepreneurs.

Paul Savola (IG: @twofisted.domination) said ‘about 3 years. It takes a lot of learning and things you must understand for the marketing side plus sales.’ Again, 3 years. That’s a long time, and a lot of dedication.

David Perger (IG: @agentdavid007) also said 3 years. Well, ‘3 Years just hard work with a little cash because I used all of it for reinvesting.’ From this it’s clear that the average time it’ll take you as an entrepreneur to see any kind of success is about 3 years. I know people that have given up after weeks. You have to be willing to work through years and years without rewards before you reach the good stuff. Are you dedicated enough?

In this day and age entepreneurship seems to be cool. It’s a growing sector. 10 years ago it just kind of meant you were a bit of a loser. Now it’s a far more common career choice. When I asked Antonio Milhouse (IG: @growwiththeonepercent) why he became an entrepreneur he said ‘I saw how much my boss was making off my efforts and hard work and I got sick and tired of building his dream, so I took a leap of faith and dived into entrepreneurship.’ This reminds me of that famous quote ‘if you don’t build your own dream someone else will hire you to build theirs.

David Perger (IG: @agentdavid007) said ‘I always wanted more for me and my family’ and ‘I always knew I’d be a serial entrepreneur and a guy who builds businesses from scratch.’ Clearly David used his family as motivation to start building his own empire.

Paul Savola (IG: @twofisted.domination) said ‘I’ve always been an entrepreneur – since I was 10. Started with snow shovelling and many other small things to make my own money.’ Clearly Paul has entrepreneurial blood, which reminds me of the huge debate – are entrepreneurs born or made? Paul then said ‘I just wanted to make my own money in the beginning but now it’s more about helping people with their struggles than money.’ I believe this is why Paul is now seeing more success. If you only aim for money, you’ll never make it. If you aim to solve problems and help people, the money will follow.

Antonio said his main inspiration comes from his kids. Similarly, Paul said his wife and kids, but mentioned that he wants to leave a legacy. ‘I want my great, great, great grandkids to say ‘Grandpa dug us out of poverty, and nothing would be possible if he didn’t make that decision 150 years ago.’’ David however, said his biggest inspirations are his ‘experiences’. He said he enjoys learning and networking, and clearly the process itself inspires David to keep going. (This reminds me of my favourite entrepreneur Gary Vee, who stresses the importance of loving the process itself rather than just the rewards.)

These men are all seeing success. Notice how none of them mentioned that they’re just doing it for the money?

As well as entrepreneurs who are already seeing results, I interviewed a young and upcoming entrepreneur called Jose Daniel Rojas (IG: @thejosedanielrojas). He mentioned he’s nervous about the financial jump and not having the support he’d want. He said he’s getting into entrepreneurship because he’s always been passionate about ‘making money and helping people’, and he didn’t see the point in studying entrepreneurship at college (which I couldn’t agree with more.) He said his biggest influences are Kevin Durant who ‘inspired me to be more than a student athlete’, myself for responding to his questions and of course, Gary Vee, because he’s just brilliant.

Again, Jose is focused on helping people, and after speaking to him and realising he’s dedicated, I KNOW he’ll be successful. Remember the name.

Thanks for reading. Go drop all 4 of these guys a follow on instagram – join them on their journeys to the top. If you’re an entrepreneur with any problems or questions, dm me and I’ll try to help out the best I can. Again, I’m no expert, but I’m sure as hell learning. Fast. Also shoutout to @billion.dollars.motivation (go check him out) for helping ME to grow on instagram this year! His content is great so go drop him a follow.


Charlie 🙂

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