Get Paid To Blog – Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

In todays day and age, you no longer have to go and sit in an office and grind out for 8 hours to earn a living. Modern technology has brought about the idea of working smart instead of working hard – if you know how to make money effectively, you don’t have to work as hard as you think. A great way of making money online is through the use of affiliate marketing. It’s quick, simple and easy, and I’m going to show you the basics today.

Affiliate marketing is the process of selling someone else’s product and receiving a percentage of the product fee for doing so. This allows large organisations to receive more attention across the globe, whilst only paying small commission fees to the people promoting the products. Whilst most commission fees are low, if you can use affiliate marketing well, you can make some serious cash out of it yourself.

I’d advise heading over to Amazon’s affiliate marketing programme and signing up for free. Once you’ve signed up, for nearly every product on Amazon you will be given your own unique link. The best way to put these links out tends to be blogging, or maybe through an Instagram page (if you are struggling with growing your Instagram page, read my blog: how to grow your Instagram). If customers buy any product through your specific link, Amazon will pay you commissions. This sounds easy, but actually getting customers to buy these products is the tough bit. Here are some tips I’ve managed to pick up through blogging myself:

1). Be trustworthy. If you break your audience’s trust by promoting a bad product, they’re unlikely to buy from you again, or even return to read your blogs. ONLY promote products you have used and you are fond of. If you only promote good products, you’ll gain repeat customers and people will spread your page. This will bring more revenue.

2). Know your audience. Like many others, my blog has stemmed from my Instagram page. A great trick is changing your Instagram page to a business page, and then clicking on ‘insights’ in the top corner. This will show you where your audience is from and how old they are. If you do not use Instagram with your blog I’d highly recommend starting, but if not, blog for a while and try to engage with your audience (through emails, comments, etc.) and get to know them. If your audience are all under the age of 16, there’s not much point trying to promote products such as gardening tools… Know your audience and meet their needs, and you’ll see results! Try to stick to a rough theme to match your audience. If you tend to sell clothing, don’t then completely drop this and start flogging musical instruments… this won’t match your audience’s desires. This however doesn’t mean you shouldn’t experiment with different products to see what your audience are most interested in.

3). Try different affiliate programmes. Whilst Amazon is the most successful and has been the most effective for me personally, there are thousands of programmes out there, all offering different products and commissions. For example, is a popular website which allows Instagram users to buy shoutouts and gain exposure from accounts with millions of followers – and their affiliate scheme offers 30% commission! Try out different programmes and see what works best for you.

4). Finally, stay relevant. The world is moving fast, so keep up. If a new book comes out, prioritise reviewing that first and using your affiliate link with it, because most likely people will be searching for reviews. Keep up with trends. Most bloggers are gaining reception through Instagram – are you? Don’t get left behind, caught up in old ways and habits, because these simply won’t gain you as much attention as newer trends. Constantly be on the lookout through social media for new products that are relevant and useful for your audience – the higher relevance to your audience, the more money you’ll make.

Thanks for reading. These are only the basics behind affiliate marketing so if you have any questions message me on Instagram, @dailybusinessthoughts, as I reply to all of my readers. Make sure to come back next week for my blog on Bill Gates!

Thanks again,

Charlie 🙂


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