How To Wake Up at 5am and Why You Should

Whilst studying a number of successful entrepreneurs, I’ve noticed that the majority of them are early risers. They wake up before anyone else and have already made progress before the majority’s alarm clocks have even gone off. But why is this? And how on earth do they do it?

Firstly, your hormones are at their highest during these hours. This means you can be far more productive and also, there are less distractions. 99% of people are still in bed, so there are far less excuses to not get on with some work.

I myself have always naturally been a night owl, but it seems to me that the early risers benefit far more than those who stay up late. Schools and most jobs start early in the morning, so those who wake up early seem to be far better off than those who cannot. I recently have been investigating how to wake up, even earlier than the majority, and begin my day before most do. Here’s what I’ve discovered.

1. The perfect amount of sleep is between 5-9 hours. Any more sleep can actually make you feel tired when you wake up. Most say that 8 hours is the perfect amount, so I aim for 6-7. This means you can still get a good amount of sleep, but wake up and crack on before the rest.

2. Optimize your environment. Do not watch TV or stare at your phone just before you sleep; try to read instead. Fiction tends to be the best for this, as business related or self-help books tend to trigger your brain and can actually keep you awake.

3. Don’t press snooze. This is the hardest part, but pressing snooze on your alarm clock, even once, is long enough for you to fall back asleep, and therefore feel even worse when it comes to getting up. What I have found that works is taking deep breaths when you hear your alarm, count down from 5 and then sit up. This should do the trick. If this doesn’t work, try the more extreme techniques, such as putting your alarm clock on the other side of your room, so you’re forced out of bed to stop the dreaded sound.

4. Have a reason. Have something that makes you want to wake up. If you have an instagram page, post a picture before you go to bed, and wake up to see how well it’s engaged. If you have a business, wake up and check your sales. What I have discovered to be very effective is making a physical checklist the night before. Write down 3 things you want to achieve after you wake up, and put empty boxes next to them. Naturally, you’ll want to achieve these tasks and tick them off – this makes you feel productive and good about yourself!

The main points you need to take from this are: Discover how much sleep you need (usually 5-9 hours), optimize your surroundings to fall asleep quicker, don’t hit snooze, and have a reason to get out of bed. Stick to these tips, and you’ll start having more productive mornings than ever before!

Thanks for reading! Shoutout to vishal__p on instagram for helping me along with blog ideas, go give him a follow. Reach out to me on instagram if you are reading and enjoying these blogs: @dailybusinessthoughts. Thanks again, and I’ll hopefully see you back here next week for my next blog.


Charlie 🙂

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