The Kid Behind Daily Business Thoughts

I feel as if I’ve been somewhat hiding behind this Daily Business Thoughts page. Although I interact with you, my audience, weekly, and even daily on instagram, I feel as if very few of you actually know much about me. So I’m going to use this blog to get to know you a little more personally.

I’m 18, my name is Charlie, and I’m at an interesting stage of my life right now. Many would argue the most interesting. I’ve just finished school and I have literally hundreds of different paths in front of me, and the only person who can decide which path I choose to walk down is me. I have lots of power, and it’s actually a little overwhelming. But I’ve been doing research and I think I have a good idea of a rough plan for life, although nothing ever goes exactly as planned!

My initial idea was to avoid university and take the entrepreneurial path. I wanted to join online courses which would train me to become a social media marketing pro, and then I’d use this knowledge to set up my own social media marketing agency, and target small cafes and businesses in my local area. However I had two days mentoring with a professional coach, and many other conversations with important people in my life, and I’ve decided to put the entrepreneur dream on hold for a while. I discovered that marketing is my passion, but I don’t feel I’d have enough experience to just start up a business right now.

So I’ve decided to apply to universities. My exam results weren’t great – I scored well in psychology, because I’m passionate about it, but maths and chemistry didn’t go so well. And this is simply because I don’t enjoy either of these subjects. I chose them because I didn’t know what else to choose. However, I’ve done lots of other things, such as work experience and starting this website, to prove my interest in business, so I’m hoping the universities accept me.

The overall plan, for now, is to study marketing at university then get a job in the marketing industry. This will give me loads of knowledge and experience, and then if I still want to, I’ll be in a great position to leave my job and start my own marketing agency, because I believe I have the drive and commitment it takes to live the entrepreneurial life.

Currently I’m working in a supermarket to save money for my 6 month trip around the world with my girlfriend, starting in February. It’s not exactly fun, but I’m earning decent money, which is what I need. My trip is going to be like nothing I’ve ever done before and I cannot explain how excited I am. My route is as follows: England -> Costa Rica -> Peru -> Brazil -> Argentina -> New Zealand -> Australia -> Thailand -> England. If you are reading this and you are from any of these countries, dm me on instagram because I’d love some advice on what to do whilst I’m out there! I will try my best to keep up the weekly blogs and daily instagram posts, but this cannot be guaranteed, as I’ll be extremely busy! However, you can expect to see lots of travelling related posts on my instagram page, which I know a large portion of my audience will enjoy.

So that’s where I am in my life right now. If you have any advice, or questions, reach out to me on instagram, because I reply to everyone. I’m nearly at 5,000 followers on instagram which is crazy to me, because I just made this page to share my daily thoughts – I never thought it would take off like this! Come back next week for my next blog, which will be back to the usual business theme I’ve been following.

Thanks for reading!

Charlie 🙂


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