How To Start Making Money Online

With modern technology, anyone can make money online. As Gary Vaynerchuk said, ‘The fact that you can be laying naked in your bed at 2am in the morning and doing productive stuff is crazy.’ He’s right. You can literally make thousands of pounds a month online through many different ways. All you need to qualify for this is a smartphone and a laptop.

Did you qualify? Good! Here are some ideas you can use to start making money online:

  1. Affiliate Marketing

This is essentially helping other people to sell their products online, and sounds much more complex than it is. The most popular affiliate scheme is Amazon Associates, which you can sign up to for free within minutes. For pretty much every product on Amazon, you can find a link that is built for you. Your job is to then share this link with others, through methods such as blogs and social media pages, and if people buy the product through your link, Amazon will pay you. Pretty cool, huh?

2. Investing

As long as you have a smartphone, you can download trading apps, such as Trading 212. For starters, I’d recommend downloading Coinbase and investing in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (which is an online alternative to money) as this is far more basic, and only seems to be increasing in value! It takes seconds to add your card onto the app and get trading. All you have to do is sell your shares when the stocks increase in price and there you have it, you’ve made some online cash.

3. Shopify

Shopify is a relatively new platform which actually allows you to set up your own online shop, selling pretty much anything you want to. A lot of the time you won’t even have to handle the products yourself – it’s all done online. Although this is a slightly longer process to set up than the last two ideas, some serious money can be made on Shopify, so definitely give it a go. All you have to do is download the app, or visit the website.

4. Selling Shoutouts

If you have an instagram page with a decent amount of followers and you aren’t making money from it, then perhaps it’s time to start. People will be willing to pay you to give them a shoutout! You just need to reach these customers. The best website I have found for this is Shoutcart, where you can either buy shoutouts from larger accounts, or sell your own shoutouts. It’s all very simple and easy to set up. If you don’t have a successful instagram account, click here to read my blog on how to set up and grow your instagram page.

5. Fiverr

Fiverr is a website which you can visit if you want people to do you small favours. They usually cost roughly £5 (hence the name) and consist of basic tasks such as designing a logo or helping you to create a website. You can also sell on fiverr – just think of something you’re good at, and if it’s helpful, people will pay you money to help them. Getting paid online to do something quick and easy that you’re a pro at. Sounds perfect, right?

There you have it! There are many more ways to start getting paid online, but here are 5 simple ways to start earning for beginners. If you gained any sort of value from this blog, feel free to reach out to me on instagram, @dailybusinessthoughts, as this is where I post most of my content. Thanks for reading, and be sure to tune in next Thursday for next week’s blog!


Daily Business Thoughts

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