3 Things Everyone Needs For Success

What makes people successful while others struggle?

How is it that within the same company, some are making millions, whereas others are just getting by? Why is it that Kate Moss gets paid millions whereas other models who are just as pretty get paid £200 a day? Why does Jonathan Ive make millions to design products for Apple, whereas other designers make £30 an hour?

Before reading on, make a mental list of all the traits you think the successful people have that others don’t.

If you are like most people you’d have thought of traits such as self-belief, determination, passion, leadership… etc.

The problem with these words is that they do not set apart the successful from the unsuccessful. You can check all of these traits against success stories and, sure enough, most will have shown these characteristics, but the issue is the same can be done for unsuccessful people too.

You can find determination in the man who works 70 hours a week trying to feed his family.

You can find passion in the engineer who arrives at work ready for another new challenge to tackle.

You can find excellent leadership skills in the managers working in cafes.

You see the problem. It’s the same list of traits, but some are making it whilst others aren’t. So what is the real key to success? What is the thing that, if the unsuccessful people had, they’d become successful?

The 3 keys to all successes are:

  1. Luck
  2. Reputation
  3. Vitality


Unfortunately, luck is going to play a huge part in your life, whether you like it or not. Your big break isn’t going to come through showing more passion, or working harder… Take a look at The X Factor, and you will see plenty of people who are hard working and passionate, but very few will make it to the top. The truth is, all successful people have been lucky!

The issue is realising what luck is. To be successful, you do not need extreme cases of luck, like finding a winning lottery ticket on the floor, or inheriting millions… chances are, if you’re reading this blog right now, you’re already very lucky. If you have clean food, drinking water and a safe home, you are very lucky. That’s a fact. Don’t waste your luck!


In a world where the most cutting-edge technology has been designed to connect everyone instantly, you must build and guard your reputation. Losing his good reputation cost Tiger Woods over $25m in lost contracts. On the flip side, a good reputation will pick you up when you’re down and can rescue your business. Richard Branson’s reputation is so strong, that his involvement in the failing bank Northern Bank helped to turn it around. Having a strong reputation is crucial to becoming successful.


If you are truly vital, then you are irreplaceable. Money will always move towards people who are irreplaceable in their field. People who are functional, who simply carry out tasks, are replaced, but people who are vital end up with ownership.

Vidal Sassoon was a legendary hair stylist. He danced around the person in the chair as he styled them, and studied architecture for inspiration. You’d never tell him which haircut you’d want – he’d study your face and style your hair in a way that best suited you. Sassoon became a very, very rich man. He didn’t try to retire from hairdressing, he tried to find ways of impacting even more people and get more involved in his industry than anyone else. He was vital.

To become successful, you must be vital, not functional.

Thanks for reading! The information for this blog was provided by my favourite book: Entrepreneur Revolution by Daniel Priestley. Click the link below to pick up a copy off Amazon:

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Thanks again!

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