Can Anyone Be An Entrepreneur?

With today’s technology, you can set up a business in a day. An hour. Minutes. That’s a fact. It’s so much easier than you think to set up online and start earning money – all you need is a smartphone and a laptop, which is a large percentage of the population, right? So why doesn’t everyone just set up a business and get rich? Why isn’t everyone an entrepreneur?

To answer the title of this blog, yes, anyone can be an entrepreneur. Anyone can set up a simple business online which makes money. But the more difficult question is can anyone be a successful entrepreneur? This is where it becomes a little more complicated.

If you look online, you will find many contradictory answers. Lots of entrepreneurs, like Gary Vaynerchuk, argue that as long as you have access to technology, you can make it as an entrepreneur. Others will argue that entrepreneurs are born, not made, and so some people physically don’t have what it takes to become a successful business owner.

I personally believe that whilst anyone can set up a business, not everyone can successfully run one, so I don’t think anybody could be a good entrepreneur. I recently ran a poll on my instagram audience, to which 71% of people said yes, anyone can be an entrepreneur, which left 29% of people arguing that it is not for everyone. The fact that the vast majority said ‘yes’ surprised me.

If you are unsure if you yourself have what it takes, answer some of these questions below:

  1. Are you a Santa or an Elf?

I got this question from and found it fascinating. Elves are those who are considered to manage one task in great detail, whereas Santa looks over everyone and carries out a large number of different tasks. Santas make better entrepreneurs than elves do, because lots of skills are required to manage a business.

2.  Is comfort and security a necessity for you?

If you feel vulnerable without a guaranteed paycheck at the end of the month, a guaranteed office, job and promised holiday leave from your company, do not get into the world of business. Entrepreneurs’ lives are up and down – some days you simply will not know when you will next get paid. In my favourite book, Entrepreneur Revolution by Daniel Priestley, he says ‘there is no pay day, there’s just life.’ This means you don’t have a guaranteed day on which you will get paid, and if this scares you, then the entrepreneur life isn’t for you.

3.  Are you ready to commit?

Being a good business owner is not just about having great ideas – it’s about taking action and executing them. If you struggle to stay focused and have issues with commitment, it simply isn’t for you.

4.  What’s your relationship with money?

Running a business requires rigid financial management. If you are a big spender, and often find yourself buying things you don’t need, then you will struggle. You must have a solid, non-emotional attachment with money if you want to successfully run a company.

5.  Is business your life?

Were you interested in business as a child? Did you try to find entrepreneurial opportunities throughout your younger years? A natural interest in entrepreneurial life from the start is a good indicator of future success. This doesn’t mean you can’t make it if you weren’t so business orientated as a child, but if you were, then the entrepreneurial life is almost definitely for you.

After answering those questions, how do things look for you? Are you destined to be a successful entrepreneur? Let me know by sending me a message on my instagram @dailybusinessthoughts, because I reply to all feedback I receive.

Thanks for reading, make sure to come back next Thursday for my next blog post!


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